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Missouri EPSCOR Vinobot Featured by NSF

On February 1, 2018, NSF featured a story about Missouri EPSCoR as one of the agency's "Impact" news articles.  Developing drought-tolerant corn that makes efficient use of available water will be vital to sustain the estimated 9 billion global population by 2050. University of Missouri researchers have developed two robotic systems, the Vinobot and the Vinoculer to study how corn maintains root growth during drought conditions. The mobile robots have sensors and robotic arms to collect temperature, humidity and light intensity at three different heights on the corn plant, assessing growth, development, yield, tolerance and resistance to environmental stressors by correlating these to physiology and shape of the plants. Inexpensive and efficient, the Vinobots generate more data than aerial vehicles and are changing the way agriculturalists collect data.

Vinobots F

A mobile sensor tower and robot vehicle take 3-D images of corn plants.

Photo Credit: Ali Shafiekhani, University of Missouri

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