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Arkansas, New Mexico Researchers Part of Teams Awarded NSF Funding for New Multi-Discilinary Approaches to Study the Brain

The National Science Foundation (NSF) made 19 awards to cross-disciplinary teams from across the United States to conduct innovative research focused on neural and cognitive systems. Each award provides a research team with up to $1 million over two to four years.

The awards will contribute to NSF's investments in support of Understanding the Brain and the BRAIN Initiative, a coordinated research effort that seeks to accelerate the development of new neurotechnologies.

The awards will advance frontiers in cognitive science and neuroscience with an emphasis on four themes:

  • Neuroengineering and brain-inspired concepts and designs.
  • Individuality and variation.
  • Cognitive and neural processes in realistic, complex environments.
  • Data-intensive neuroscience and cognitive science.

The award titles, principal investigators and sponsor institutions are listed below.

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