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Letter from LSU President F. King Alexander on Nobel Prize in Physics

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Dear LSU Family,   

Let me draw your attention for a moment to the fact that LSU research was awarded a Nobel Prize in Physics only weeks ago for measuring gravitational waves at our LIGO facility in Livingston Parish. Granted, this is not the first time LSU scientists have come close to this elusive and exclusive international recognition. In 2011, LSU physicist Bradley Schaefer was invited to the Nobel Prize Ceremony in Stockholm, Sweden, in recognition for his research leading to the discovery of the accelerated expansion of the universe due to an unknown form of energy embedded in the fabric of space.  

This type of collaborative and transformative research is the embodiment of LSU. Our students have the opportunity to work with faculty who aren't just the best in Louisiana -- they're the best of the best. Because their expertise is so strong, much of the work done at LSU is globally engaged, allowing our students to gain knowledge from the best minds in the world.

That's the type of excellence that truly sets LSU apart. Thank you for supporting us on this journey. 





F. King Alexander

LSU President

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LSU Researchers Discover Minerals in Volcanic Rock that May Offer New Insights into the First 1.5 Billion Years of Earth's Evolution

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The first 1.5 billion years of Earth’s evolution is subject to considerable uncertainty due to the lack of any significant rock record prior to four billion years ago and a very limited record until about three billion years ago. Rocks of this age are usually extensively altered making comparisons to modern rock quite difficult. In new research conducted at LSU, scientists have found evidence showing that komatiites, three-billion-year old volcanic rock found within the Earth’s mantle, had a different composition than modern ones. Their discovery may offer new information about the first one billion years of Earth’s development and early origins of life.

Results of the team’s work has been published in the October 2017 edition of NATURE Geoscience.

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