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POSITION VACANCY: Associate Project Director, NSF EPSCoR, Nevada System of Higher Education

Nevada currently has NSF EPSCoR Track‐1 Research Infrastructure Improvement (RII), and Track‐2 RII awards. In addition, the new pre‐proposal solicitation for the next cycle of Track‐1 2018‐2023 is currently in development.   

  • The current Track‐1 RII began in June 2013, as a new five‐year cooperative agreement with an annual renewal/reporting process; total award is $20 million with a state match requirement of $4 million. It is expected that Nevada will submit a new Track‐1 RII in 2017.   
  • The current Track‐2 RII began in August 2013, as a new three‐year cooperative agreement and Tri‐State Consortium; will receive a no cost extension to expire July 2017; total award is $6 million ($2 million for Nevada).

The Associate Project Director will report to his/her institutional supervisor.  This position requires direct communications with the NSF EPSCoR Project Director and the Director of the System Sponsored Programs and Nevada EPSCoR Office.  The Associate Project Director will work with the NSF EPSCoR Project Director, staff of the Nevada EPSCoR office, the NSHE Research Affairs Council (as applicable) and NSHE faculty to accomplish the tasks listed below.  

Nevada Epscor

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