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IDeA Program included in NIH 2016-2022 strategic plan

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Please see below text from NIH's projected outlook plan that includes praise for the Institutional Developmental Award (IDeA) program. 

The powerful reference to the IDeA program is included on page 33 of the Plan:

Recruit and Retain an Outstanding Biomedical Research Workforce.     To ensure that the nation cultivates a thriving and talented next generation of scientists, NIH will seek ways to strengthen the biomedical research work force.  Such efforts will include improving the outlook and opportunities for new and early stage investigators through policies and grant mechanisms that are designed to support investigators at the outset of their careers. NIH will continue to take steps to enable exceptional early career scientists to flourish independently by bypassing the traditional postdoctoral training period, to bridge the gap from early- to mid-career investigator, and to normalize grant success rates between early stage investigators and more experienced investigators. For example, within the next 4 years, NIH will be evaluating its Early Independence Awards program to gauge its success in fostering independent and productive research careers.

Another way in which NIH will aim to ensure that all of America develops and maintains an outstanding biomedical research workforce is through its Institutional Development Award (IDeA) program. By broadening the geographic distribution of NIH funding for biomedical research, the IDeA program fosters health-related research and enhances the competitiveness of researchers at institutions located in states in which the aggregate success rate for grant applications to NIH has historically been low. Such activities also benefit unique populations—such as rural and medically underserved communities—in Puerto Rico and the 23 states that are currently part of the IDeA program.

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