Governance & Board

The EPSCoR/IDeA programs are a catalyst for true collaboration.  Not only do these programs facilitate teamwork among state institutions of higher learning within our respective jurisdictions, they are also forging alliances across state lines.  Together, the EPSCoR/IDeA states continue to push the envelope of science and technology to greater heights.

          —EPSCoR/IDeA Foundation Chairman Michael Khonsari

Elected Officers

The leadership of the EPSCoR/IDeA Foundation consists of a Chair, a Vice- Chair, and a Secretary/Treasurer. Dr. Michael Khonsari from LSU serves as Chair of the Board. Dr. Lawrence Cornett from the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences serves as Vice-Chair and Dr. Peter Goodwin from the University of Idaho serves as Secretary/Treasurer.  

EIF Board

The EIF is governed by a Board of Directors, comprised of Chancellors, Vice Presidents of Research, and internationally recognized scientists. The Board is responsible for all affairs of the Foundation—from approving all major policies to implementing the operating plans of the organization. Board members serve a two or three year term, and meet approximately six times per year.

The Board accomplishes its work through several subcommittees or task forces, each led by an “agency-designated” representative. These representatives have significant and relevant agency expertise and experience, with the majority having received competitive funding from the identified agency, having served on agency review panels, and participating in or holding leadership positions within the [agency] Project Directors Councils.

Executive Director

Executive Director Jessica Molesworth manages the day-to-day operations of the organization, including all administrative, managerial, and programmatic activities.

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